The Manchurian Shutdown

So I woke up this morning pissed at the failingNewYorkTimes because the bastards scooped me, I thought. All week I’m getting ready to write this post (the one you’re reading), and then last night those fakenewsies across from the Port Authority come up with some titbit about the FBI starting an investigation into the possibility that SHMOTUS works for the Russians. Starting? So what happened after they started the investigation?

Turns out Old Grey didn’t bury the lede, because starting was all that there was. Robert Mueller showed up after a couple of days and the G-Men passed the files along, and zzzzip, now we may never know.

But now I’m pissed because someone named KM or Kayem or Kayyem does seem to have scooped me, asking CNN Tonight “How WOULD a president compromised by the Russians behave? Give me any moment in the last two years where Trump has behaved differently.” (I can’t find the clip online, but I trust Brian Stelter‘s Reliable Sources newsletter & so should you.)

This Kayyem seems to be an Arianna-Huffington type up in Boston (entrepreneur/ex-Federal functionary/expert in national security and ride-sharing), but don’t hold that against her, because she’s right. And why isn’t everyone asking this?





Step 1: Destroy confidence in the courts.
Step 2: Destroy confidence in the press.
Step 3: Destroy confidence in law enforcement.
Step 4: Destroy the separation of powers.
Step 5: oh what the hell, just shut the damn thing down. Indefinitely.

I don’t feel scooped anymore, or worse, vindicated: I’m scared. And with due respect to the Times and WaPo and the networks for their well reported tales of Federal workers’ mortgage payments and stolen Joshua trees: There’s a forest here, fellas.

And there may be a bear in the forest, and what if his name isn’t Vladimir, but Trumpy? (Go on, click it…you’ll see the clue that’s all over Fox News)

Meanwhile here’s Blimpman screaming “national emergency,” and we’re all like Amy Winehouse, no, no, no.  Only what if it’s yes, yes, yes?  What if we’re midway through some 1960s movie brought to life by Mark Burnett?

I know. Paranoia. I’m paranoid. It’s crazy talk. Because we all know Donald Trump could never be elected.


OK, your turn...

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