Quickthought #1: oh for Pete’s sake

Blogging’s hard. So I’ll try some quickthoughts now and again. Here goes:

It’s a bit odd to hear a white, gay, Harvard-superstar self-described Millenial and Midwesterner argue that Dems need to leave “identity politics” behind–and that’s why I’m still supporting Keith for DNC . He’s a proven national leader, and it can’t hurt the Democratic Party to be led in these troubled times by an African American who really is Muslim.

But the aforementioned Millenial Midwesterner, Pete Guttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana and a dark horse in the race for the chair, isn’t stupid about the direction Democrats need to take if they want to bring people of reason and compassion who, for whatever reason, pulled the other lever last November, back into the fold. Take a listen (h/t AB) as he tries to share that wisdom with an audience of tech venture-capital types.

(His VC interlocutor and lest-we-not-be-impressed-he-mentions-more-than-once-they-were-Harvard-College-roommates is a bit hard to take, doing that thing where you say’fuck’ a lot instead of perfectly polite alternatives in order to at once pretend you’re not and convey that you absolutely positively are a powerful elitist.  Try not to let him make you puke.)

OK, your turn...

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