The e-mail I just sent

Dear Mr. President:

A year ago I woke up mornings insanely early to stand in the cold outside subway stations on Broadway and encourage the citizens of Clinton country to vote for the man with the funny name and the ability to bring us together, a man I’d heard speak a year and a half before at the Take Back America conference, a man who–I knew then–could.  I can barely believe tonight has come.  Congratulations to you and to us all.

Over this year, I have learned so much more about you, as you have learned about this nation.  I am infinitely proud to belong to a people that’s chosen you as its leader.  I thank you for your hard work, for the application of your talents, and for your persistence.  And I only wish you weren’t so good a writer too, because it just isn’t fair.

Russell Miller

OK, your turn...

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