Who am I?

My name’s Russell Miller. I’m a well-educated white male outside any commercially desirable demographic, your typical Right Coast elitist. I believe fiercely in reason and empirical fact. That’s no contradiction, just a philosophically technical use of “believe.” I don’t accept that fierce commitment to reason or empirical fact means a person lives in a bubble, despite the self-loathing trope. Reason pops bubbles.  Fact pops bubbles. Theory isn’t something every fool’s entitled to have or to have an opinion about. It’s something you falsify, or you bolster empirically, or you just shut up. If you really want to know, I’m a recovering journalist, a cognitive neuroscientist, a writer of non-fiction, a university instructor, and an entrepreneur in the “children’s media space.” You can learn more about some of that through the links at the bottom of the homepage. And you can click “Contact” to tell me about you.